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CLO Ratings

The ratings displayed on this tab are not issued or maintained by EJR in its capacity as an NRSRO.

OC Overcollateralization | IC Interest Coverage | IG Investment Grade | HY High Yield
SECURITYREPORTEJR RatingOther NRSRODiffCurr Par SubordOC TriggerOC CurrentOC Curr/ TriggerIC TriggerIC CurrentIC Curr/ TriggerDate
Riserva CLO DR NRN/A       10/05/22
Riserva CLO ER NRN/A       10/05/22
RMRK 2017-1A CLO A1 NRN/A       10/05/22
RMRK 2017-1A CLO A2 NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2017-1 AR NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2017-1 BR NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2017-1 CR NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2017-1 DR NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2017-1 E NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2019-1 A1 NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2019-1 A2 NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2019-1 B1 NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2019-1 B2 NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2019-1 C NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2019-1 D NRN/A       10/05/22
Rockford Tower CLO 2019-1 E NRN/A       10/05/22
ROCKT 2019-2A CLO A NRN/A       10/05/22
ROCKT 2019-2A CLO B NRN/A       10/05/22
ROCKT 2019-2A CLO C NRN/A       10/05/22
ROCKT 2019-2A CLO D NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 1 CLO A1R NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 1 CLO A2R NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 1 CLO BR NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 1 CLO CR NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 1 CLO DR NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 2 CLO A1A NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 2 CLO A1B NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 2 CLO A2 NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 2 CLO B NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 2 CLO C NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 2 CLO D NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 6 CLO A1A NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 6 CLO A1B NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 6 CLO A2 NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 6 CLO B NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 6 CLO C NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 6 CLO D NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 9 CLO A1F NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 9 CLO A1FL NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 9 CLO A2A NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 9 CLO A2B NRN/A       10/05/22
RR 9 CLO B NRN/A       10/05/22
RRAM 2019-7A CLO A1A NRN/A       10/05/22
RRAM 2019-7A CLO A1B NRN/A       10/05/22
RRAM 2019-7A CLO A2 NRN/A       10/05/22
RRAM 2019-7A CLO B NRN/A       10/05/22
RRAM 2019-7A CLO C1 NRN/A       10/05/22
RRAM 2019-7A CLO C2 NRN/A       10/05/22
RRAM 2019-7A CLO D NRN/A       10/05/22
Salem Fields CLO A1R NRN/A       10/05/22